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Prices Updated on 1/31/2015

We sell Processed Brass and Bulk BrassProcessed Brass means it has been inspected, resized, old primers removed and           polished to a like new finish.  It is truly Ready to Load!  Bulk Brass means it has been inspected and polished.  Be aware that some brass sellers say "Ready to Load" but you still have to resize and remove the old primers!


HORNADY .223cal 55gr FMJ BT $46.99/500ct Now in stock!

Bulk Brass prices updated 1/28/14.
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  Bulk Brass Sale with Plano Molding Field Box!
Available for 9mm and .40SW. See "Unprocessed"

.223 Brass Bulk available in two quantities.
Inspected and
polished (See Unprocessed)

9mm and .40SW Brass Bulk available in two quantities.
Inspected and polished (See Unprocessed).

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