Bullets, Brass and Other Products

Processed Brass

Refurbished once fired brass and nickel casings.

Unprocessed Bulk Brass

Lots of bulk brass polished and inspected

Jacketed Bullets

Copper Jacketed bullets, not plated.

Lead Bullets

Not jacketed or plated bullets.

Ammo Boxes

Heavy Duty Ammo Boxes

Starline Casings NEW!

New nickel and brass casings from Starline!

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New .45acp Brass Casings Large Primer with Field Box 950ct

950 ct .45acp large primer brass casings that are inspected and polished. Any trash or dented casings removed, 3% added to the count.  Include a Plano Molding or Bear Creek field box.

$59.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 4 days

New .223 cal 55gr FMJ SP bullets .224" Hornady

.223/5.56mm caliber .224" 55gr FMJ SP Hornady Bullet

$51.99 *

New 9mm Luger Brass Casings 5,000ct BULK

5,000 9mm brass casings, 1x fired cleaned and polished.

$125.99 *

New .38spl Brass Unprocessed BULK! 500ct

.38spl brass unprocessed, inspected and polished.  500ct

$45.99 *
In stock
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